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Businesses looking to embark on foreign exchange hedging can use this guide to understand their own business requirements, review the different types of foreign exchange hedging products available and understand how these products can be used as part of a robust hedging strategy.

Rob Rintoul, CFO
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Retain Flexibility 

Settle trades in deliverable or cash terms, deliver early, or extend and roll contracts as needed to manage changing cash flow dynamics.

Our approach to managing foreign exchange risk is built around a simple three-step process:

Our Process

Leverage Technology

Monitor markets, place trades, and settle payments in more than 145 currencies – all on one integrated platform.

Gain Visibility

Access a full suite of reporting tools, designed to provide real-time information on your current and past transactions.

Maximize Participation

Use zero-cash option strategies to protect your bottom line – while providing participation in favorable currency movements.

Harness Volatility

Place automated market orders to protect a budget rate or capitalize on favorable moves in the currency market.

Maintain Liquidity

Minimize deposit and margin requirements.

Effective currency risk management can be the key to thriving and prospering in a world of uncertainty. At Cambridge, we provide tools to help you efficiently move money across borders while keeping currency risk under control. Whether you’re running a small- or mid-sized business, a multinational corporation or an organization with international partners, we develop customized strategies that enable you to efficiently move money across borders, manage exposures and capitalize on market opportunities. 

"Cambridge has always been a great partner for us. They reach out when the market is moving in order to protect our exposure. They don’t always tell us what we want to hear, but do always tell us what we need to hear. We have comfort that our Cambridge account team is looking out for our best interest which gives us confidence to follow their recommendations."