Our Brand is Changing to Corpay

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In many ways, 2021 is anticipated to be one of the most exciting years Cambridge has experienced in our near 30-year history. It will be a transformational year, marking the beginning of a new chapter for our company.

We are extremely proud to announce that this year, Cambridge will become Corpay.

Our parent company, FLEETCOR Technologies, Inc, is rebranding its Corporate Payments group, of which we’re a part, enabling us to further expand globally, accelerate our growth and handle the cross-border payment needs of an increasingly global client base.

This rebrand will not change the way that Cambridge services our valued customers. We will continue to provide best-in-class payment solutions and the high level of service that you expect from us.

Why Corpay?

We wanted to create a brand that better reflects the evolution of our corporate payments portfolio. The Corpay brand unifies FLEETCOR’s domestic and international payment companies – Cambridge, Comdata Corporate Payments, Nvoicepay, and Roger offering businesses the power to more seamlessly connect their finance and AP departments.

Here's What Will Change:

  • You’ll notice references to our rebrand on the Cambridge website;
  • The Cambridge logo now includes the phrase “is changing our brand;”
  • Employee email signatures will reflect the transition to the Corpay brand.

The full rollout of the Corpay brand will take place as we migrate towards exclusive use of the Corpay brand, but you’ll start to notice the above changes first.

You can view the public face of the rebrand, as well as the full range of solutions Corpay will offer, on the Corpay website.

You’ll find more details about the rebrand in the below FAQ.

As part of Corpay, Cambridge’s main goal will be to continue to meet the payment needs of all our valued customers, and we’re sure our customers will benefit from the combined strength of our affiliated brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's What Will Not Change:

  • The full range of best-in-class payment and currency risk management solutions we provide;
  • Your usual, dedicated account representation team with the same high level of service that you have come to expect from us;
  • Our legal name and entities, and therefore your existing contracts, agreements and terms and conditions with us;
  • Our licensing, regulatory, and official reporting structures and obligations will stay in place;
  • Our commitment to compliance, along with our usage of the same robust AML/CTF tools for screening and KYC will stay in place.

Corpay is a new brand launched by our parent company, FLEETCOR, to consolidate brands within our existing Corporate Payments and SMB Payments divisions. Our Corporate Payments division includes the following brands: Nvoicepay, Cambridge Global Payments, and Comdata Corporate Payments. Our SMB Payments division includes the Corpay One brand (formerly known as Roger). The general Comdata brand will remain and continue to be used by FLEETCOR’s North America Fuel (NAF) division.

What is Corpay and which brands are affected by the rebrand launch? 



Instead of managing multiple corporate payment brands, FLEETCOR has chosen to launch Corpay as a unifying brand that we believe will better serve our customers’ needs across industries, represent our leadership in business payments, and enable our future growth. This move supports our business strategy to align our marketing and sales teams, and unify our platform initiatives.

Why has FLEETCOR created Corpay as a new brand?

How will the Corpay brand launch affect my solution or service as a customer of Nvoicepay, Comdata Corporate Payments, Cambridge Global Payments or Roger?


There will be no change to your solution or service as a customer of any of these businesses. Each business will continue to provide best-in-class payment solutions, along with a high level of service that you have come to expect. No action will be required from you at this time as your existing contract remains in place, and you will continue to be serviced by your usual account representative or team.

Will the FLEETCOR parent brand or other divisions be affected by this brand change?


The brand change will affect only the Corporate Payments and SMB Payments divisions at this time.

How does the Corpay brand rollout plan continue from today?


  • Our employees are positioned to answer any questions from customers, partners, and the general public.
  • We will issue brand-transition communications to customers and partners on an ongoing basis through Q4 2021.
  • We expect to complete the Corpay brand consolidation across our division by Q4 2021.

What is Roger, and how does it fit into the new Corpay brand?

  • Roger is a simple, USA- and EU-based cloud-based bill-pay platform for small businesses that FLEETCOR acquired in January 2021. Roger extends FLEETCOR’s AP automation solutions portfolio to small and micro businesses, helping them automate their manual payment processes with invoice automation capabilities and integration into accounting software packages like QuickBooks.
  • The Roger product is another FLEETCOR business that will use a variation of the Corpay brand The SMB Payments division is now in process of transitioning the name of the Roger product to Corpay One.